Evacuation Chair


Product Details

The Evacuation chair is a device for seated evacuation. The use of rubber belts that slide on the stairs ensure a high safety level requiring no effort, permitting safe and reliable evacuation during emergency operations.

Designed for quick movement over stairways (ascent and descent), but useable for horizontal transport as well.

Environmental conditions 
Functioning temperature: from -15 to +50 °C Storage temperature: from -20 to +60 °C Relative
humidity: from 15 to 90%
  People who may be at risk in an emergency
•  Older People who have mobility, vision, hearing or other impairment.
•  Anyone  who  becomes  injured  or  suffers  an  illness  before  or during the evacuation.
•  Anyone with a short term problem, including visitors and staff, such as confusion, anxiety or distress as a result of the evacuation.
•  Pregnant Women.
•  A parent with one or more young children.
•  A person with a temporary or permanent physical disability.
•  A person who has a learning disability.
•  A person with an unseen ailment e.g.: asthma, heart complaint, unstable epileptic or
diabetic conditions- their ailment may affect their ability to get out independently in an emergency.


Product Specifications