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Founded in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2002 AD, 1423H, it started its activities through a message from Samia, “to provide the best services and equipment to patients and those with an interest”, and was keen to confirm its mission through its vision to be the leading provider of Easy solutions for a better life locally and regionally.

We offer a complete line of home care products and rehabilitation at the best medical quality standards and we are committed to our customers and partners who trust the effectiveness and safety of our equipment and products.

From our belief in the right of those who care about the quality of life, which is now possible medically and technically, we have provided integrated products of all types of home care equipment such as beds and wheelchairs, home respirators, tables and physiotherapy equipment, Orthopedic devices and medical shoes. These products and equipment are of high quality imported from Europe, America and Asia, and have …

About us of medics

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These units have been carefully chosen to suit the needs of people with special needs and to meet the growing demand for quality products locally manufactured in Saudi Arabia and imported from major international companies..


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